Services Offered

Gentle Torque Release Spinal Adjustments-  to reduce blockages and tension which may lead to more normalized function of the nerves, spinal cord and brain.

Standard Process Nutrional Examinations and Whole Food Supplements- Let Food Be Your Medicine

Doterra Essential Oils- Manage stress, nutrient depletion, and cellular damage.

Bio Mat Sessions- Relax on a bed of negative ions and far infrared. Reported benefits include: pain and joint stiffness relief, reduced swelling and inflammation, reduction of stress and fatigue, inceased circulation, increase energy and vitality, inceased calorie burning,etc.

Ion Spa footbaths- combines water, sea salt, oxygen, hydrogen and produces an ionic field. Reported benefits include: relief of headaches, pain, swelling, joint stiffness, arthritis, better sleep patterns, removal of toxins and heavy metals, improved liver and kidney function, easing of menstrual symptoms,etc.


Other Services

*NeuroInfinity Stress Test
(see first visit)